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🚩 Fast — Flag Acquisition and Submission Tool

Fast is a specialized tool built in Python designed for managing exploits and automating flag submission in Attack/Defense (A/D) competitions. The goal of Fast is to take the technical burden off the team players, enabling them to focus on writing exploits and patching vulnerabilities.

The development of Fast was heavily influenced by the practical experiences and valuable insights gathered by the Serbian National ECSC Team 🇷🇸 who utilized the tool in multiple A/D competitions. Fast's development roadmap will continue to be aligned with the team's needs.

Using the Docs

This documentation will assist you in getting started with Fast and will also serve as a reference during competitions.

If this is your first time using Fast, you can get started with Installation and then proceed to Quickstart to get familiar with the basics. To explore its features or seek help during a competition, refer to the three sections of the User Manual: Server, Dashboard and Client.

Good luck and have fun hacking! 🍀